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Handyman's dream and Close To Town "Will help with Downpayment" in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

I love my house and think you would too. I put a lot of thought into the design and location of the home leading up to building it. Let me tell you what makes this property special.
The property is centrally located, and is the prefect distance from town. We have plenty of wild life but are only a 5 minute drive to Bridgewater and a couple minutes more to Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. We easily bike to town on weekends, by using the nature trails and old railway tracks just down the road. Or the scenic route along the water to Riverport.

The disposal system for the home is an in-ground C2 gravity system, so there are no pumps to fail, no pump chamber, simple design, no issue if the power goes out, and no mounds of fill in the backyard, it is totally hidden. You only get this type of system if you have ideal permeable soil for drainage and ideal slope, which also means the land drains and dries quickly after a rain event.

The dug well is 23 feet deep. We put in extra chambers? even though they were not needed around the well so there is ample water supply and reserves all year round. The flow rate is such that we filled our 11,000 gallon pool with it, which by the way, goes with the house. With the ideal soil conditions the water is perfect. No water conditioner needed in this home.

The house is on an elevated piece of land, so there won?t ever be any issues with flooding or a wet damp basement. With my experience in carpentry, land development and excavation and because the house was built for my wife and I, we supervised and made sure everything was done right.

The house is situated with Southern exposures to the sun. The large patio doors in both the master bedroom and dining room produces a bright home and positive solar gains by day. So much so we let the fire place go out quite often during the day. And to help maintain that heat gain at night we have expensive veneer blinds that also stays with the home.
The wood stove "best on the market" which is located downstairs in the finished basement keeps the whole house toasty warm including the floors so it?s comfortable to walk in bare feet even on the coldest of winter days. Adjustable vents in floor allows heat to circulate. And if you're willing to cut it, on site I'll give you free fire wood for 5 years.
The stove is located on the opposite side of the house in relation to the bedrooms, so it doesn't get too warm to sleep at night. The whole house has electric heaters for backup but we prefer wood heat and never need to use them, saving on electricity which is a bonus with the increasing power hikes. Our power bill for two months rarely exceeds $200. And living just out side of town means we plan a lot less in taxes.
In the master bedroom directly over top the bed is a quality ceiling fan to keep us comfortable on those hot summer nights. There's also a quality ceiling fan in the living room, both with lights and the one in the Master Bedroom is on a dimmer switch for those romantic nights.

The living room is on the Northern side of the home with just enough glass to lighten up the room but not so bright as to interfering with watching television. Going with the house in the living room is a 33 gallon lighted fish aquarium & cabinet with water supply and drain, hidden behind the aquarium in the wall for ease of cleaning. Anyone who has ever had to carry water thought the house for an aquarium will appreciate this. With a fish pond in back yard you'll always have plenty of fish to pick from.

The bathroom is situated close to all the rooms in the home and adjacent to the Master Bedroom via a sliding pocket door. All rooms have closets and the Master Bedroom has a walk in closet.
The large 6 foot deep soaker tub in the bathroom easily fits two and is great for soaking and relaxing. The tub is surrounded by Italian ceramic tiles. The bathroom has quality vinyl flooring. Every other room in the house is laminate flooring throughout for longevity, easy of cleaning, scratch resistance and someday replacement. The floor joist are the silent floor type so you can actually sneak up on someone without the floor give you position away.

In the walk in closet of the Master Bedroom is a laundry chute that exits right into a hamper right next to the washer and dryer downstairs. The washer and dryer is downstairs to minimize nose upstairs. The water heater is located beneath the upstairs bathroom and next to the washer, so there is always a minimal amount of hot water wasted, sitting in pipes and minimal amount of wait time "only seconds" for hot water when opening taps. Next to the washer and hot water heater is a floor drain, never worry about a malfunction or leak.

The basement is an open design divided in two, finished into a workout lounging area where the fireplace is and wired for TV and Internet. The other side is for laundry and storage. The whole house is wired for cable, satellite, phone, internet and security system. There is enough room down stairs it someone wanted to put in two extra bedrooms it could be easily done.
The kitchen has a built in dishwasher, water supply for ice maker, micro-wave shelf for ease of cleaning and tones of cabinet, pantry space and pull out draws and a lazy susan. Window over double sink once again on Southern side of the home for brightness. Just this week we tiled the kitchen wall, $1000 dollar upgrade.

The deck is assessable from both patio doors and is quite large, 34 x 14. Over a third of the deck is covered, with a sunshade sloping roof, tinted lexan which has many benefits. It?s nice to sit under on a hot day, protecting both us and furniture from the elements. It also keeps a lot of snow off the deck in the winter.
I choose vinyl siding because it looks good and requires little to no maintenance. All energy efficient windows in the house are vinyl too so they'll last, no insects, mold or rot, nor painting to worry about. A low maintenance home was our goal because summers should be spent having fun, not working on a house.

Walking to the hanger the first thing you notice, there are no overhead wires. All utilities have been placed underground. Looks better and is safer.

Getting to the hanger, the first thing I like is the side door. It?s an insulated steal door in a steal frame with dead bolt that opens outward. No one will ever gain entry by kicking this door in. The insulated hanger 42 x 42 has an electric 38 foot wide, remote controlled door which opens to 12 feet. The top of the door is finished in tinted lexan to allow light in and it really looks great and was worth every penny.
The walls are 14 feet high to accommodate large equipment or an RVs. Built into the 5000 psi concrete floor is a 24 foot long flush covered mechanics pit for working on and taking care our equipment and vehicles, a handy man dream. It cost $3000 to put in but pays for itself every month. Also spent another $1000 this week on improvements to the building.

The hanger is heated by combination wood / waste oil furnace that keeps the place super warm and dry all season protecting our belongings and tools.
Being insulated the hanger is cooler in summer and with the large door open, it is a nice place to sit with friends or family on a hot summer day for drinks. We?ve set up tables and held family events in the hanger in the summer time while the kids play in the pool.
Our driveway is large enough to accommodate a dozen vehicles, try to find that in town.

On all four sides of the property are trees, not the spying eyes of neighbors?. This is because the property is located on a relativity undeveloped 100 acre piece of land but once again, only minutes from town. In the backyard is a fire-pit for those late evening week-end get together outside.
We want $200k for the house and $100k for the hanger. To help the next owner I'd be willing to lease the hanger for a predetermined amount of time, up to 10 years to give you a down payment on the home or take it off the purchase price.
There's more benefits to come with this property and plenty of common area spaces planned. If you're thinking of building yourself we also have building lots for sale. We're working to build a special community here and hope you can be part of it. For additional information or a showing of the home or property, Call .

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